Frequently Asked Questions

The following provides answers to frequently asked questions from customers.
Please contact us if you need additional assistance.

Q:Do you deliver duty free products to my home?


A:We do not deliver duty free products to your home.

By law you can purchase duty free products only when you are departing overseas and bring to overseas with you. Please understand that it is not permitted to deliver your products to your home.

Q:Can I order products from Haneda Airport store?


A:No, you cannot order products from Haneda Airport store.

By tax law it is not permitted to send duty free products between airports.

Q:Can I order products that are not on the Website?


A:No, you cannot order products that are not on the Website.

We are trying to list products as many as possible on the Website.

For products not listed on the website,please contact us from Inquiry Form.
Q:Can I reserve products without a flight number?


A:We accept a reservation only when you have a flight number.

At Narita Airport, the departure terminal differs by airline. JAL DUTYFREE is located in the Terminal 2.
Passengers departing from Terminal 1 and 3 cannot use this service.
Please confirm your flight number before ordering products.

Q:I transfer flights. Can I take liquids on board?


A:Transfer passengers may encounter restrictions on carry-on liquids at the transferring airport. Even products purchased at duty free shops should be placed in a resealable plastic bag or sealed in Security Tamper-Evident Bags (STEBs) to take on board the aircraft. 
Please note liquids include mascaras, lip glosses, liquid eyeliners, creams and gels.

For details, please see the Website below.

Q:I have a JAL Mileage Card. Can I get a discount?


A:There is no discount for JAL Mileage Cards.

JALCARD special discount is applicable to JALCARDs with a credit function and Global Cards.

There is no discount for JAL Mileage Cards.
Mileages will not be added to JAL Mileage Card.
You will earn shopping miles when you pay by JAL credit card.

※Please see the links below for JALCARD special discount.
JALCARD Special discount
Q:Can I use JAL coupons?


A:Yes, you can use JAL coupons.

Please note two points below when you use them.

・JALCARD discount, advanced reservation discount and other discounts are not applicable.
・No change can be given.
※Please see here to check stores where accept JAL coupon privileges.
Q:Can I exchange or order repair service for products purchased at a duty free store in overseas?


A:For products you purchased at a duty free store in overseas, please contact to the store.

For products you purchased at T Galleria by DFS, please contact below.

【DFS Marketing Office】
 toll-free 0120-194-407 (available only in Japan)  /  +81-(0)3-5434-0940
(9:00-17:00 except on Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays and from December 31 to January 03) 

Q:I forgot my ID and password.


A:Please contact us from Inquiry page.

For ID, please contact us.
For password, we do not search for security reasons.
Please contact us from Customer Page reminder.

Customer Page

Q:Can I return or exchange products after purchase?


A:Since the products are duty free, returns or exchanges are not possible after purchase.

If you discover that your product is damaged, please contact us from Inquiry Form and tell us the date of purchase, Bill Number (13 digits) on the receipt,
the name of the product, damage details, your name and telephone number.

Q:I do not receive a order confirmation email.


A:Please contact us from Inquiry page.

Order confirmation email is sent when your reservation is completed.
Depending on the email service you use or mobile phone settings, emails may be blocked or sorted into the junk email folder. Please check the above.
When you change the settings, please set to accept emails from「
When you complete the settings, please contact us from Inquiry Form..
If you do not receive replies from us in a few days,