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Basic Policy for Personal Information of JAL-DFS

JAL-DFS Co., Ltd., (the “Company”) adopts the following basic policy based on the JAL Group Basic Policy in connection with the information security and protection of personal information and endeavors to properly manage and protect the information held by the Company.

  1. Compliance with LawThe Company will comply with the law and the policy, guidelines, and other norms adopted by government authorities and industrial associations.
  2. Matters Relevant to the Establishment and Maintenance of the Management System and Security Management Measures
    The Company will implement the measures necessary and proper for the prevention of any leakage, loss, or damage and other management of personal data. Also, the Company will supervise its employees and contractors (including subcontractors and others) who handle the personal data to the extent necessary and proper. The security management measures for the personal data are separately provided in the Specific Personal Information Handling Rules in a specific manner, the principal content of which is as follows.

    (Formulation of Personal Information Protection Guidelines)
    - In order to secure the proper handling of personal data, these guidelines (Personal Information Protection Guidelines) shall be formulated with respect to compliance with the relevant law and guidelines, point of contact for queries and complaints, and other rules.

    (Organization of Rules for Handling Personal Data)
    - The Specific Personal Information Handling Rules are formulated with respect to the process of handling, the managers and members responsible and their duties per step of the acquisition, utilization, retention, provision, deletion, disposition and others.

    (Organizational Security Management Measures)
    - The Company installs the managers responsible for the secretary matters in handling the personal data and clarifies the scope of its employees engaged in the handling of the personal information and the personal data handled by such employees. The Company also organizes the system of reporting and communication to the secretary manager in the event the Company has discovered any act or likelihood of any violation of the Personal Information Act or the Personal Information Handling Rules.
    - The Company periodically performs the self-check on the handling status of the personal data and is subject to the audits performed by the other departments and third parties.

    (Personal Security Management Measures)
    - The Company periodically provides its employees with the training in connection with the matters to be noted in handling the personal data.
    - The Company prescribes the matters relevant to the non-disclosure of the personal data under the Employment Rules.

    (Physical Security Management Measures)
    - The Company controls the entries and exits of any employees into and from the areas handling the personal data and restricts the items that may be brought into such areas. The Company also implements the measures to prevent any unauthorized person from viewing the personal data.
    ・- The Company implements the measures to prevent theft, loss, and other damage to equipment, electronic media, documents, and other devices that handle the personal data and the measures to suppress the easy discovery of the personal data if such equipment, electronic media, and whatsoever are in transit, including any transit within the Company premises.

    (Technical Security Management Measures)
    - The Company implements access control and restricts the scope of the persons capable of handling and the personal information database and whatsoever that such persons may handle.
    - The Company has a system to protect the information system handling the personal data from any unauthorized access and malware from the outside.
  3. Compliance with Internal Policy, Rules, and GuidelinesThe Company adopts the internal policy, rules, and guidelines, and comply with all of them.
  4. Implementation of Security MeasuresThe Company implements the security measures, and the preventive measures against any unauthorized access to the information, and any loss, destruction, alteration, leakage, or other damage to the information.
  5. Implementation of Enlightening TrainingThe Company provides the enlightening trainings for the protection of personal information and makes sure of the awareness of the personal information and of the proper management of the personal information.
  6. Liaison with ContractorsIf the Company engages any third party for the services relevant to the information management, the Company selects the service providers and contractors who are deemed to properly handle the information assets and performs the proper contracting, guidance, and control so as to make sure that such contractors implement reasonable security measures.
  7. Endeavor for Improvement to OperationThe Company periodically verifies that the information is properly managed and continuously endeavors to improve its operation.
  8. Actions for Incident OccurrenceIn the event of any incident occurrence, the Company suppresses the damage to the minimum and promptly discloses the necessary information to the public. The Company also implements the recurrence preventive measures and other proper measures.
  9. Clarification of Point of ContactThe Company designates the points of contact for the queries, complaints, and requests from customers and promptly responds thereto in good faith.
  10. Disclosure of PolicyThe Company discloses this policy and its policy for the information security and protection of personal information widely to the society by exhibiting the same on its homepage.

Handling of personal information

Personal information collected by JAL-DFS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) includes names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers and email addresses, as provided upon making reservations, brochure requests, inquiries and payments to the Company, and all other customer information as requested.

  1. Personal Information Handling Business OperatorJAL-DFS Co., Ltd.
    P0022, B1, South Parking Bldg., Terminal2 Narita International Airport 1-1 Furugome, Narita-shi, Chiba 282-0004, Japan
    President and Representative Director Jiro Kuramoto
  2. Purpose of use of personal informationWe may use customers’ personal information when delivering reserved products, responding to inquiries, and mailing brochures, as well as sending other useful information.
  3. Providing personal information to the third partyWe do not provide customers’ personal information to third parties without first obtaining customers’ agreement. We may entrust customers’ personal information to third parties, such as carriers within our legitimate outsourcing group, including mailing brochures. We mandate the same level of personal information management to the outsourcing companies as the Company employs.

Request for Disclosure, Notice of Use Purpose, Correction, Deletion, Use Suspension and Others of Personal Information

JAL-DFS Co., Ltd., (the “Company”) will respond by a registered mail or via email to the requests from the customers for disclosure of personal information, notification of use purpose, correction, and use suspension (the “Disclosure”) in accordance with the following process.

  1. Point of Contact for Request for DisclosureAny request for the Disclosure shall be addressed to the following address in the predetermined format along with the attachment of the necessary document by a registered mail. Such registered mail is requested to be indicated with the “Request for Disclosure Enclosed” on the envelope in red characters.

    P0022, B1, South Parking Bldg., Terminal2 Narita International Airport 1-1 Furugome, Narita-shi, Chiba 282-0004, Japan
    Attention: Point of Contact for Personal Information at JAL-DFS Co., Ltd.

    Please use the following formats for the request for the Disclosure.

    A)Request for Disclosure and Notice of Use Purpose
    B)Request for Deletion, Use Suspension, etc.
  2. Means of Response to Request for DisclosureThe Company will respond in the manner designated upon the request, provided, however, that if the disclosure in the designated manner requires a lot of expenses or is otherwise difficult, the response will be provided by delivery in writing.Please acknowledge that the response may take some days.


Please contact the following "Personal Information Desk" for inquiries regarding disclosure of your personal information and complaints and consultations.

JAL-DFS Co., Ltd
Personal Information Desk
P0022, B1, South Parking Bldg., Terminal2 Narita International Airport 1-1 Furugome, Narita-shi, Chiba 282-0004, Japan


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