Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of JAL-DFS

JAL-DFS Co., Ltd. formulates basic policies on information security and personal information protection as follows in conformity with JAL Group basic policies and strives for the appropriate management and protection of the information possessed by the company.

  1. Observation of laws and regulationsWe observe compliance with laws, regulations, polices and guidelines as defined by administrative agencies and industry groups.
  2. Provision of management systemWe provide a management system that defines shared responsibility.
  3. Observation of company policies, regulations and guidelinesWe formulate and observe company policies, regulations and guidelines.
  4. Implementation of security measuresWe implement security measures to prevent unauthorized access to information and loss, destruction, falsification or leakage of information.
  5. Implementation of educational activitiesWe educate personnel regarding appropriate management and protection of personal information.
  6. Cooperation with clients and outsourcing companiesIf outsourcing business information to other companies, we carefully select clients and outsourcing companies that are acknowledged in the appropriate handling of information assets. We also sign agreements with them and instruct them in the implementation and management of suitable security measures.
  7. Efforts on business improvementWe conduct inspections of appropriate information management on a regular basis to continually strive for business improvement.
  8. Countermeasures in case of a security incidentIf a security incident occurs, we immediately disclose the necessary information and take appropriate measures to minimize disruption and prevent further damage.
  9. Consultation desk for clarification We provide a consultation desk to rapidly and respectfully respond to customer inquiries, requirements and complaints.
  10. Disclosure of policiesWe disclose our policies on information security and privacy, including this policy, to the public widely through our Web site and by other means.

Handling of personal information

Personal information collected by JAL-DFS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) includes names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers and email addresses, as provided upon making reservations, brochure requests, inquiries and payments to the Company, and all other customer information as requested.

  1. Purpose of use of personal informationWe may use customers’ personal information when delivering reserved products, responding to inquiries, and mailing brochures, as well as sending other useful information.
  2. Providing personal information to the third partyWe do not provide customers’ personal information to third parties without first obtaining customers’ agreement. We may entrust customers’ personal information to third parties, such as carriers within our legitimate outsourcing group, including mailing brochures. We mandate the same level of personal information management to the outsourcing companies as the Company employs.
  3. Disclosure of personal information and notification of purpose of useIf a customer requests the disclosure of personal information and notification of purpose of use, we first confirm identity then respond quickly in accordance with regulations.
  4. Correction and suspend of personal informationIf you wish to correct or delete your personal information, please contact the Customer Service Center below. We will respond quickly after confirmation of identity.
  5. Customer Center
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